What is loungewear?

Loungewear is basically the most comfortable underwear/base layers that can be easily accepted as a bikini in any socially acceptable settings. Loungewear was originally designed to be items worn post swim when you still wanted to wear your bikini but wanted to take it to the most comfortable status bikinis can offer. 

Loungewear is double lined to offer opacity, even when wet. And is made from buttery soft bamboo fabric, this fabric offers not only complete comfortability but it is also extremely stretchy. Sizing is a bit more fluid as the fabric is extremely stretchy. Please refer to our size guide for specific measurement recommendations. But overall we recommend ordering true to size with loungewear. 

How does loungewear differ from swimwear? Loungewear can absolutely be worn in water because it is double lined, so many colors will offer moderate/complete coverage when the fabric becomes it’s most translucent, however this is not where it shines. Loungewear really shines on land as everyday wear because it is so comfortable. 

So why do you need loungewear? Not just because it’s the most comfortable “underwear” you’ve literally ever worn but because it was made with love and attention to not just creating something beautiful but creating something that can withstand the test of time and play, as well as be produced in a sustainable way. Most generic underwear is made from fabrics that are actually very harsh for the body. And most generic underwear is mass produced, which in turn produces mass amounts of waste. These little items are the base to most of our days/outfits, so why not make them super soft, super comfortable and super sustainable?

Loungewear Styles

The Dreamlette is the cutest little bralette set we ever did dream up! Our rendition of the backless bralette. Designed for all day wear with a tube top silhouette, elasticized back for ultimate comfort and adjustable slide shoulder straps for ultimate customizability


Is our our essential scoop neck crop top. This crop hits above the belly button. We do recommend ordering true to size in this crop if you want a snug fit for more functionality. 


This top was available as part of our winter 2020 lounge collection, formerly known as WINTER LEONA. This top is two inches longer than the original Leona and hits below the waistline. 


Our newest member to our tube top family, meet our TUBE CROP TOP. Hits right above the belly button with an ultra flattering strapless silhouette. 


Our most classic swim bottom turned into your favorite loungewear bottom. This bottom is high waisted and offers moderate coverage. 


This bottom offers minimal coverage with a high leg cut to elongate and accentuate every figure. 


Our newest loungewear bottom, the LOWRISE, offers moderate coverage with a low to mid rise bikini underwear design. 

Our Recommendations

If you have yet to snag a loungewear set, we recommend grabbing a complete set. This offers a small discount and gives you the chance to try both a bottom and top. The CLASSIC HIGHRISE & LOWRISE bottom are modeled similarly to classic underwear whereas the CHEEKY HIGHRISE gives a bit more flare. Every design offers something unique to all our beautifully diverse body shapes. We hope you find something you love! xx



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