Having trouble deciding which bottom will fit your shape best, or what even the difference is between bottom styles? Fret no more!

Welcome to our High Waisted Swim Bottom style guide!

Here, I will break down our 5 different high waisted bottom styles with a brief history of their design, differences, and how they are meant to enhance different body shapes.

Let's start with some basics first. I'm going to be talking a lot about "leg cut." The "leg cut" refers to the front leg opening of the bikini, so where the bikini sits when looking at your front. A longer leg cut, means the front leg opening will hit higher on your hip basically making your legs look longer aka elongating. A lower leg cut will hit lower on your leg, although this does not offer an elongating effect, it does provide more coverage. 

 If you are looking for a high waisted bottom with more coverage, stick with moderate/lower leg cuts whereas if you want to go cheeky and elongate those legs, look for bottoms with a higher leg cut.




Ok, let's with our very first bottom design, the ZOE. high waisted sustainable swim bottomThis bottom was designed to be our timeless, classic high waisted bottom with moderate/full coverage. This high waisted bottom hits around the belly button and has the lowest leg cut and offers the greatest amount of coverage of any of our bottoms. 








high waisted sustainable swimwear bottomNext we have our BELLA. This bottom hits just below the midline and has a little higher leg cut than the Zoe. BELLA was designed be our cheekier high waisted bottom. 








The PALOMA bottom hits around the belly button and has a smidge higher leg cut than Bella, making her a little bit cheekier with a 2.5" waist band that is extremely soft and does not dig in. 






 Now we're going to head to the cheekier side of our high waisted bottom styles.


highwaisted cheeky high leg cut sustainable swimwear bikini bottom

The SASHA is our 80's inspired swim bottom with a high leg cut and cheeky back. She's been around since our very first collection in 2016 because she is that flattering. 








We'll finish our high waisted style guide with the LOUIE. Our highest rise bottom with the highest leg cut and an ultra flattering  2" waistband. 




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