If you read the first workout blog post, you might remember that I mentioned how important it is to get outside while doing the everyday workout. However, even though being in fresh air is best, it’s not always possible so I’m going to show you my favorite total body every day workout at home with zero equipment. 

We live in a 750 sq. ft home, our living room is no more than 10 ft x 10 ft and we’ve got two wild little men running loose, so no excuse ;) I do recommend wearing shoes or getting the little grippy socks that bare classes require if you are doing this on wood, tile or any other slippery type of flooring. Generally carpet shouldn’t be too slippery but always wear shoes if you want extra grip and stability. 

My form isn’t the best in this video, I made it with just myself and the kids so it was super distracting, running back and forth from checking the camera to doing the next exercise. So I definitely recommend checking out my first workout blog to get a good understanding of the majority of exercises we’re going to do here. 

The everyday 10 minute workout is seriously my lifeline, it has the ability to shift my mood from down to upbeat, gives me energy and motivation to see the positive in everything so I wanted to transform my outside version into an inside version. Given the world’s circumstances, and if you live in the PNW then you know how untrustworthy our “spring” can be, so even when it’s pouring or you’re confined to your home during a lockdown, you can still get a super invigorating workout at home. 

Ok let’s get into it

Gemini Mountain Swimwear’s 10 Minute Everyday Home Workout 

  • Split stance high knee
    • We are going to begin our workout with the Split Stance High knee, to start this exercise stand in a split stance, that means your legs are staggered, your front knee is slightly bent, your weight is in your toes like you are getting ready to take off for a sprint. Your arms are going to move in a sprinter's action while you bring your knee parallel to the ground, balance your hips, then bring your toes to touch the ground behind you. 
  • Standing butt kick
    • Next, Standing butt kicks with the sprinter's arm action. Focus on engaging your core and only bring your heel as close to your butt as your quad will allow. As soon as you feel a pull in your quad, release your heel back to the ground 
  • Side shuffle
    • Alright next is the side shuffle. My form isn’t the best in this video but focus on pushing with the outside leg using your hamstring and isolating the pushing leg’s butt cheek while your front leg just goes up and down to help land. 
  • Carioca
    • Carioca, start feet hip width distance, arms out to your side, core engaged, never cross over your feet. Twist your lower body while keeping your chest and upper body facing forward. 
  • Single leg power skips
    • Basically a high knee jump. You want to focus on getting your knee parallel to the ground while jumping directly up.
  • Knee hug lunge
    • Hug your knee in your chest and take a big forward step. Engage your lunge then shift your weight forward by bringing your back leg’s hand to the ground beside your front foot. 
    • Once you are balanced, bring your front leg’s forearm to touch your front foot’s toes. Release this pose by shifting your back and engaging your legs. Make sure to check in and balance your hips
  • Back lunge and twist
    • Take a big back step, engage your lunge and twist toward your front foot. 
  • Standing head to knee pose
    • Standing head to knee pose. Start with your feet together, core engaged, shift weight to your standing leg, keep hips level. Raise your opposite knee to hip height, find your balance, extend your leg, hands wrap around your foot, engage extended leg and pull foot toward your face, keeping your foot flexed. Release this pose by releasing your hands, bending your knee, then lowering your foot back to the ground.
  • Standing bow pulling pose
    • Start by standing, feet together, core engaged. Raise one arm up, actively reaching toward the ceiling. Bring the opposite leg’s heel to touch the butt, grab the ankle joint, using all five fingers from the inside, feel that shoulder open up as the upper arm turns from inside to out. Kick that leg back and up, hip pointing down to the floor, foot pointed hard. Don’t let the knee come out to the side. Kick straight back. As you kick back, push the foot out and into the hand while continuously reaching and pulling yourself forward with the opposite arm. 
  • Balancing stick pose
    • Start by lifting your arms above your head and pointing them towards the sky. Interlock your fingers while making sure to keep your index fingers pointed upwards. Engage your core, take a big step forward, body in one line, kick your back leg up and back while bringing your arms parallel to the ground. Make sure your core is engaged and your hips are balanced while you simultaneously reach forward with your arms and backward with your leg, keeping your body parallel to the ground. 
  • Tree Pose
    • For our last pose of the series, Tree Pose. Stand feet together, core engaged. Firmly ground one leg and hug the opposite leg’s knee into your chest. Gradually set that foot to inside of your standing leg’s thigh or groin. Balance and bring your hands to prayer position to your chest or actively reach toward the sky. To release this pose, assist your foot by helping it release from its resting position and gradually lowering it back to the ground. 
  • Savasana
    • If you can take 5 minutes to rest and breathe and really allow your body to soak up everything you just did, your body and mind will thank you immensely. 

Alright, that’s the home workout! You’ll notice I swapped out some of the more dynamic exercises of the everyday workout for more yoga centric exercises. I did this because generally if you’re stuck at home you’re not trying to get your adrenaline pumping super high, you want to get a good workout that calms your spirit yet satisfies your body. 

Let me know what you think about this change and which version of the everyday work out you like better and why.

See you all next time!


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