Sizing swimwear virtually may very well be one of the most, if not the most, difficult item of clothing to fit. You would not believe how even just a few centimeters can make or break a style for your body type. 
 So for this blog post, I am going to show off some of our favorite bikini babes in their preferred styles. 
 First let's show off Eight. They are wearing the VERA top and the SASHA bottoms both in size xlarge. 

Here we have Laura wearing the AURORA top and FREYA bottom both in size large. 
 sustainable swimwear size large  
Next is Khadija, she is wearing the LUCIA top and the CINDY bottom both in size large.
Here we have Quinn wearing the LUCIA top and LOUIE bottom, she is wearing a size large top and xlarge bottom. 
Now we have Shelby, she is wearing the CHARLI top and PALOMA bottom. She wears a medium size top and a large size bottom. 
Next is the lovely Ebony wearing the MATHILDA top and GIA bottom. Ebony usually wears an xl in tops but this particular style we have her sized down to a large and she prefers xlarge bottoms. 
And let's finish with the beautiful Bridgett! She is wearing the CHARLI top and the BELLA bottom, both in size large. 
I hope this helps a little with finding the right style for your body type. Preference also will play into which styles are right for you. Our swimwear is designed to fit like a second skin to become your new bikini best friend. All our pieces are meant to be comfortable, you should feel supported but also feel comfortable enough to wear all day long. 
If you would like more help sizing or finding the perfect fit please send us an email at and we'd be more than happy to help recommend different styles and sizes based on your measurements and preferences. 
All photos were taken by the ultra talented Ashley Rhian Photography 


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