Alright Bikini Queens, we're doing things a little different this year for our only ready to ship sale of 2023. Not only will this be our first and only ready to ship sale of the year, this is going to be the very first sale of its kind here at Gemini Mountain. 
Let me introduce, Mystery Bags
Have you ever felt overwhelmed, intimated or indecisive while bikini shopping? Have you ever wished a personal bikini stylist would help pick out styles that would work best for your body shape? Well now is the chance!
For a limited time you will be able to pick the color, pick the size and pick the style preference. And the founder of Gemini Mountain will make the final call on styles based on your requests and availability for a discounted price. AND you can exchange if you need once you receive your items!
Since 2014 it has been founder Samantha Alario's passion to help bikini lovers find the perfect swimsuit. And for the first time ever, you will be able to work directly with her virtually.
You will be able to write her notes in the comment section at checkout to tell her even more about yourself, like your measurements, preferred styles, styles you definitely don't want and she will take it all into account when picking out your set.
And to all our seasoned Bikini Lovers who just want to show their support and continue to build the ultimate bikini drawer this is sale is for you too! Our founder will go through your order history and make sure we don't double up on styles (unless you ask us to!), as well as take into account the styles in previous orders to help pick the perfection addition to your collection! We have over 25 different styles and it's easy to miss a style that may become your new favorite.
This sale is definitely different and takes a little control out of the mix, but fret not, if you need to exchange we are more than happy to help once you receive your order. But this is a great way to get introduced to our pieces. 
Our founder has suited thousands of women and truly prides herself on being able to help recommend styles, colors and sizes based on you and your preferences to help make you feel even more comfortable and confident. This is a one of kind opportunity to be able to work with her and receive your items much sooner than our made to order options. 
But remember we have an entire catalog of styles and colors available and we offer exchanges so if you would like a little more control and be able to pick the exact style you want, make sure to check out our made to order styles
Get to know the styles that will be available during the Mystery Bag sale. The sale launches this Sunday 12.10 at 9:00am MST
Swim Top styles offered in the sale will include:
** Learn more about our top styles here
Swim Bottom styles will include:
 ** Learn more about our bottom high waisted styles here, our low to midrise styles here and our bottom coverages here **  
Lounge Top Styles offered in the sale will include:
Lounge Bottom Styles will include:
If you have any questions feel free to shoot us an email at (our domain email is not always reliable so we recommend emailing our gmail directly!) or write us a comment on instagram!
Forever and always so grateful for the opportunity to stock your bikini drawers. Thank you endlessly for being here and happy bikini shopping xx 



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