After doing some thinking, I realized it’s probably pretty overwhelming to have the biggest sale of the year without any marketing, any educational lead up, nothing but crickets truly. If you've been around, you know I've had quite the year as so many others had as well. And it's left me as a subpar marketing director for my little bikini brand.


But I got an idea and I’ve decided to break things up. Let me know in the comments to this post or on instagram if this is a good idea or not! It makes it easier for me to market and help you guys find the perfect bikini so hopefully that translates to an easier shopping experience.


Every day this coming week, starting Monday December 12th, there will be a release of a new color wave of discounted ready to ship bikinis. 


What I offer year round is a plethora of swim styles that are meant to be the foundation to your bikini wardrobe. The colors offered every season pair beautifully with countless other tones. And the styles created are meant to offer all day comfort so you can wear our pieces from sunrise to sunset no matter the occasion or adventure. 


However, because we have so many styles and can only offer a limited amount of discounted ready to ship pieces, sales can be overwhelming. So to make the most of this opportunity to stock your bikini drawer at a heavily discounted price, we’re going to shop intentionally based on the rainbow. 


Monday December 12th we are going to release pieces from our spring collection in SUNSET, HONEY, OCHRE and SAGE.


If you sign up for our newsletter you will get early access to the sale the day before it goes live to the public, I’m hoping… I've never sent a newsletter so this will be my first but I think I have it figured out :) 


Tuesday December 13th we’ll release a small batch of bright bikinis, HIBISCUS, PERSIMMON, DAISY and AVOCADO


Wednesday December 14th we’ll be all things blue! AQUA, TURQUOISE, OCEAN, GLACIER and FOG will make their appearance. 


Thursday December 15th it's time for some purple haze with a little dusting of pink!! BLOSSOM, IRIS and LAVENDER


And to cap off the week, Friday December 16th we’ll get to business with MIDNIGHT, SHELL, and SAND making their debut. 


Pieces will appear online at 12pm MST, as items sell out they will disappear from the website. 


This is the time to stock those drawers intentionally, bikini lovers! You will also be able to shop by color and style from our main menu! I'm really hoping this will make for an easier and more enjoyable shopping experience. But please keep me posted on your thoughts!!  

If you're new here and hoping to make your first purchase, here's what I can recommend as your mama bikini connoisseur. To build the perfect capsule swimwear collection, start by finding a set in your all time favorite color (be it green, blue, purple, orange, pink, etc.) and a style you absolutely love and would wear everyday no matter the mood.


Next, you need your classics, a neutral beige or tan, white, brown and/or black in a set that shines, is subtly sexy, might push your comfort zone just as smidge, but keep it as something you would want to wear all day :)


Next let’s think about colors, you want your bikini wardrobe to reflect your everyday style. What is your favorite color tone? Are you a green girl? Do you like bright greens or dark greens? Bikinis are intimate, so you do want to stick within your comfort zone for colors and styles, especially when building the foundation to your wardrobe, we aren’t going to buy pieces and then not wear them! 


As you continue to build your collection, you want to keep adding styles that have contrasting in their designs, like the LEO top and the LUCIA top, both absolutely necessary and similar but different enough to offer completely different looks to the wearer.


And then you want to continue adding new colors to your drawer, expand on the color tone you love and then add in some colors that pop or neutralize your current collection. Think of the colors you’re missing in your wardrobe.


Bikini shopping can and absolutely should be done intentionally! And as your bikini guide, I apologize about not giving enough information about our offerings and how they can truly transform your love of bikinis. 


If you're looking for more info on styles we offer check out some of our past blog posts! And we'll see you back here for the last ready to ship sale of 2022!! 



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